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We live and love cycling. For us, it's about speed, about kilometers, about the experience! The fact that we can now pass on this feeling seems like a logical consequence of our passion for biking. As professional bike athletes, we deal intensively with material and technology. The assortment in our shop has been carefully selected and tested by us. Most of the time we use it ourselves, and quite professionally.

Dolomite Bike

As far as the bike is concerned, we simply know exactly what we are talking about. If the material is right, performance and fun follow! Material is individually coordinated at Dolomite Bike, for which we take our time. We pay attention to ergonomics and the respective fitness – or offer as trained Body Geometry Fit consultants a detailed BG Fit adaptation on Top. For our customers, of course, test bikes are available before buying.

The Brand Specialized

Der Spirit der Marke Specialized passt zu uns. Specialized ist die authentische Bike-Marke der ersten Stunde: Top Qualität, die The spirit of the Specialized brand suits us. Specialized is the authentic bike brand from the very beginning: top quality, which is only sold in shops with extensive service and know-how. A wide range of hardware, clothing and accessories, optimally matched to each other.Specialized has been involved in the development of wheels since 1974 and produced the first mountain bike in series in 1981. The demanding bike region of East Tyrol is crying out for new goats!

We are proud to be one of the 7 Specialized Elite Stores in Austria.

Body Gemoetry FIT (BG FIT)

Body Geometry FIT (Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology) is a comprehensive method of bike fitting developed in years of collaboration with renowned sports physician Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and is only available from their local and specially trained Specialized dealer. The goal is to be able to cycle faster, longer and with more comfort than ever before, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Brands in our shop

Here you will find an excerpt of the brands that we carry in our shop, of course we have many more... Just come by and see for yourself...