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Broken bike?

In our workshop we bring broken bucks into shape or adapt your new bucks optimally. We at Dolomite Bike offer you optimal service for bikes of all kinds and every Marke.In our service packages include the following services: Control for wear and technical defects, cleaning, care and lubricants. In case of additional costs, we will consult with you.

Dolomite Bike

Service "Talbodenrunde"

We check the chain, chainrings, gear ring and shift rollers for function and wear and center the impellers. The brake and gearshift are adjusted and the screw connections are checked for correct tightening torques.

Service "Vollgas"

With this service, the wheel is completely dismantled and all individual parts are professionally cleaned. We check the drive set, suspension fork, damper and bearing. Shift and brake parts are replaced. After assembly, the brakes, gearshift and bearing are checked and adjusted.


Oil change, wiper rings new, damper service, air chamber service, seals new, etc.