Bike Leasing
Bike Leasing

Business bike leasing made easy

The company bike model: The cheap way to your dream bike

With the bike leasing service, you get your all-round carefree package for leasing bicycles, e-bikes, MTBs, racing bikes, trekking bikes or fat bikes, including fully comprehensive insurance cover and employer's default insurance. The company provides interested employees with an everyday "company bike" at attractive conditions, which can be used both for business and private use. The tax reform of January 1, 2020 also granted the tax advantage of the e-car to the e-bike. Company bicycles and company e-bikes are now clearly tax deductible, and private use is also exempt from non-cash benefits.

Inexpensive mobile - your financial plus

In the case of bicycles/e-bikes, the employer is the lessee, pays the monthly installments and leaves the vehicle to its employees. Due to the possibility of deferred salary, the employee does not receive part of the contractual salary in cash, but as a payment in kind for the period of time the company bike is used. This means that the employer retains part of the monthly salary equal to the leasing rate, making it possible for the employer to take part in the company bicycle concept at no cost and with little effort. If necessary, attractive subsidies can be claimed by the company.

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