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Turbo Levo

Sizes: S, M, L

With Helmet:
1 d / € 60,-

Insurance: Flat rate per bike: € 10.00

* Compulsory for every rental. Only applies to the rented bike - not to personal injury.

pickup times

Mo-Fr: 9 am - 6 pm
Sa: 9 am - 12 noon

Registration Form


Security: A valid official photo ID must be deposited at the rental center. Damage to the rental items caused by the lessee must be replaced in full.

Takeover: The tenant confirms with his signature that the rental items have been checked by him at the time of takeover and have no obvious defects and are fully functional. If defects should be detected during the handover of the rental items, these must be brought to the attention of the staff of the rental center immediately. All rental items may only be used by the tenant himself.

Return: The rental items must be returned to the staff of the rental center punctually at the end of the agreed rental period, complete and in the accepted condition. The latest return time is 17.00. In the event of an untimely provision of the rental items without prior information of the rental center staff, criminal charges will be filed immediately. Both in the case of unannounced and announced overdraft of the agreed rental period, the additional rental period will be offset. The costs for any return transport of the rental items, which were handed over or left behind at a location other than the rental center, shall be borne exclusively by the renter.

Liability for damages: The lessee is liable to Dolomite Bike for any damage caused to the rental items during the rental period (exception: wear material). The use of the rental items is at your own risk. It is noted that the tenant makes the selection of the material, in particular the size and equipment, etc., himself. Dolomite Bike is not liable for any damage whatsoever to persons, property or assets incurred by the renter in the context of the use of the rental items. Likewise, Dolomite Bike is not liable for personal injury, property damage or financial loss of third parties arising in this context and the lessee shall indemnify and hold Dolomite Bike harmless from this. Furthermore, the tenant declares with his signature that he has sufficient personal liability insurance cover, which guarantees the coverage of any damage.

Insurance: Insofar as the above insurance package has been concluded, the liability of the lessee will be modified to the extent that he is not liable for damage to the rental objects caused by himself within the scope of the rental period (e.g. due to falls etc.). However, the liability of the lessee for intentional or wilful damage is expressly excluded from this insurance cover.

Theft/loss: The rental items are not insured against theft and loss and must therefore be compensated by the tenant in the amount of the replacement value in the cases mentioned.Site selection: The selection of the site on which the rental items are used is made exclusively at the tenant's own initiative, responsibility and risk. When using the rental object on the grounds of Bikepark Lienz, the rules of conduct prescribed there must be observed.Minors: Tenants aged 16 to 18 declare with their signature that the permission and consent of a parent or guardian to conclude the present tenancy is available. For tenants under the age of 16, the signing of this registration by a parent or guardian is required.